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    Dear Daddy & Mummy,

    I will be enrolling my son in infant care due to both me and my wife are working. My son will be 5months old. Will like to know to compare My First Skool to Sparkletots PCF which is a better option? or both is the same? any advice or experience share?

    Melissa Hoon

    That depends on your location. So far my area PCF Sparkletot at two different location is totally different. One nearer principal sucks, The teacher doesn’t even bother. Another location maybe a bit further away but still walking distance and is super good.


    Do your own tour. Best you see yourself.


    At infant care, caregiver really matters. You can ask during your tour to speak to the main caregiver i.e. in-charge. Ask questions about how they prepare the milk, when they give milk, how often they change their diapers, when do they shower bb etc. Go during the day when the babies are in the center so u can observe how they handle the kids.


    mine is at Sprarkletots at Sengkang central 270. my LO has been there since he is 3 months old. the teacher there is very friendly to parents.. loving toward children. ???


    It Depends on you. When you go down to the school, observe how things are. Then from your judgments, choose your preferred school. Cuz your future experiences with the school will depend on your luck actually. Too many factors at play to say if a school is good or better or not.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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