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    Hey mommies! I have read that the government will spend $60m a year to kids with special needs.

    According to Families of children with developmental needs will have better access to early intervention programmes from April 1, with new subsidies that will cut the cost of government programmes for most families – some by more than half – as well as a broadening of income criteria to allow more to get help.

    Two new programmes will be added to better meet children’s needs as they change over time. One of them, for children under two, will involve a parent or caregiver’s attendance. The other lets children who have made progress attend a mainstream pre-school while receiving enhanced support from EI professionals.

    To cover the subsidies and fund the two new programmes, the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) announced yesterday it will channel $60 million a year – 30 per cent more than $45 million currently – into early intervention.

    What are thoughts about it?

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