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    Nasuha Leng

    Hi all, my LO’s teacher told me that he doesn’t listen to his teacher at all. According to his teacher, he doesn’t stay still always run around while other kids are listening. She suggested that we should enroll him in the other class.

    Any suggestions?

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    Julia Ho

    Some just likes to venture. It’s ok. I think it’s how the teacher handles them too. Not easy sometimes to handle so many toddlers. You can also read to him and see whether he will sit and listen to do some artwork. ?


    If such remarks is given from the different teachers and also enrichment class teachers, child above 4 should be able to sit and listen.. dun treat as a judgment.


    I think is normal. My girl starts to sit down & listen to the lesson or watch cartoon after 3 yr old. School teachers need to train them to sit down & listen to lesson too.
    When I 1st enroll my girl in 2hrs pg class. she was like that. Her teachers train her to sit down & listen to the lesson or story. After a few months, she understands when to do what.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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