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    Hello fellow mommies! I just want to share some knowledge about potty training your kids before preschool. I know many moms out there could relate into this and I hope that some of you might also find this very helpful specially those parents who are currently preparing their children to preschool.

    According to “Potty Training: Seven Surprising Facts” of, In the 1940s, the average age for potty training was 18 months. Averages today, according to a 2001 study by Schum, show baby boys in the United States give up diapers at 39 months and girls at 35 months.

    However, that varies per child and it depends on the he physical maturity and readiness skills of your child. In my case, I started potty training my little girls by the age of 18 months. I don’t put diaper on them in day time but since they are still feeding at night before bed time, I still put diapers on them.

    By the age of 36 months, they started to sleep at night without a diaper; but take note that there will be a time that they will still pee on bed since 36 months are still feeding, and because of that, you need to have a lot of patience and since children of that age could already understand, you have to try talking to them that they need to get up or at least tell you that they need to “wee-wee” if they feel that they need to go.

    And to help you further with your child’s potty training, here are some helpful tips on how to potty train your child:

    1.First buy the right equipment to start with your potty training. Whether it is or an adopter seat for your regular toilet or a child-size potty,as long as the child is comfortable and feel safe, that is fine.

    2. Next Help your child get comfortable and feel safe with potty training. By letting your child know that the potty train is her very own toilet, you can help her by getting use to the idea of using a potty. The potty should not be too high and if you are just using an adopter seat, make sure to hold her so that she won’t feel scared.

    3. Toddler usually learn by imitation. Us parents are our children’s first vocabulary. So everything we do or we say, they will surely imitate it.

    4. For girls, teach how her to wash and wipe after peeing. But since they are too young, you can go ahead and wash and wipe her for the mean time; for sure eventually she could learn to do it by herself.

    5. Give compliment for each successful potty training. Telling them things such as “good job” and “big girl/boy” is such a great motivator for them. It is also up to you if you wanted to give them extra reward every successful potty train.

    6. Ditch diapers. After a week of training, you might see some progress with their potty training and that is a good sign that you might want to try ditching diaper every once in a while. No doubt that they will still pee sometimes, but that’s alright. Have some patience and try not to scold them from doing so.

    Once you follow all these five easy steps and the kids get use to doing all these. I am pretty much sure that your kid will be diaper FREE in less than a month. Even before they can go to preschool!

    If you should have additional tips about potty training or any questions in mind related to this topic, feel free to comment down below! 😉

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    Jasmine Li

    This is very helpful! Thank you for these helpful tips! 🙂

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    Eugenia Neo

    I can relate to this. I am also having problem on how can I make my LO diaper free before preschool. Although, I don’t see anything wrong with that but I want him to get use to wearing underwear.

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