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    Susie Han

    My son is entering P1 next year. We are a non-Chinese speaking family. Do you think I should be worried that he can’t speak or comprehend much Chinese?


    It will be good to start on some simple reading or speaking. My Son doesn’t speak Chinese when he started Pri sch too. He struggled a lot during sch and has never passed Chinese before. I’m worried now as he will be in P4 next year and the struggle is real. I’m starting him on P1 revision all over again.

    Gina Soh

    Send to chinese lessons. Im same like u… my girl p2 next yr. she failed her chinese sooooo badly for p1 this year. But i didnt blame her coz i cant read myself!


    It’s much easier to start from home.. you don’t have to read Chinese novels but just start with simple Chinese books, watch some Chinese programs or even just Chinese news, let him get used to hearing the language so that it doesn’t sound so foreign. Maybe treat it as you’re learning the language with him?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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