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    Julia Ho


    Hello, fellow preschool Mommies!

    The beginning of school year is approaching. Have you already decided to sign up your children for preschool? What are the things that you considered before signing them up for a preschool? Or do you already have an idea on what are things that you should at least consider when before enrolling them to a preschool?

    Here are some helpful tips and a few things to consider before signing up our children to pre-school.

    1. LOCATION- The first thing you have to consider is the location. You might want to consider the preschool that is closest to your home for your own convenience of dropping off an picking up.

    2.ACCREDITATION- To make sure that the preschool meets certain standards for your children, you might also want to make sure that the school is accredited under the Singapore Preschool Accreditation Framework (SPARK) mark.

    3. BUDGET- If you still don’t have an idea how much it cost to enrol in preschool, the price range actually varies anywhere between $300 a month to over $2000 a month. It is best to choose a school that offers a tuition within your price range.

    4.DURATION- Preschools in Singapore offer either half day service or full-day services which usually runs from around 7am-7pm for a whole day and 7am-10am for a half-day programme.

    5. VALUES- Ask around and try to explore how preschool promotes values. Learn the core values of the school and how they promote or teach things like kindness and forgiveness. Some other schools also have religious affiliations.

    6. TEACHING METHODS- Three common teaching methods are;

    * The Montessori Method- This is an education method that is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative play.
    *The Reggio Emilia approach – It is a pedagogy described as student-centered and constructivist that utilizes self-directed, experiential learning in relationship-driven environments.
    * Waldorf approach- Its pedagogy emphasizes the role of imagination in learning, striving to integrate holistically the intellectual, practical, and artistic development of pupils.

    7. CLASS SIZE- Current Ratio of the number of students to preschool students is 25 children to 1 teacher for Kinder 2 Classes and 20 children to 1 teacher for Kinder 1 classes as per The Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) requirements. The smaller classes the better.

    8. SAFETY HYGIENE- And because our children’s safety is more important. You should also find out about the safety measures and precautions of the school.
    *Do they have daily temperature check?
    *Are the staff trained for basic first aid and CPR?
    *What are their policies on reviewing CCTV?
    *How they organize dropping off and pickups?
    *How they verify the caregivers before releasing the children to them?
    *How they prepare their daily meals and what they usually prepare?

    9. Environment- Check on classrooms, how teachers interact with children? Are children contented and enthusiastic?

    10. IS YOUR CHILD READY FOR SCHOOL?- Bring your child to school and observe. Is he excited or hesitant? let the teacher interact with her and see if they have a connection.

    Source: smartparents

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    Esther Chen

    Well, whiche teaching method is the best?

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