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    Eugenia Neo

    Hi mommies! I have this niece who is happen to be a picky eater. One time, my cousin usually left her in our home during school break to play with my kids. But I am surprised that she doesn’t eat veggies or other foods aside from hotdogs, spam, or other processed foods.

    I told my cousin about it and she told me that she as well is worrying about her daughter since there is no nutrients that she could get from processed foods.

    Please understand her if you think she might have spoiled her LO.

    Any comments and suggestions is highly appreciated!

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    Maybe you can make a home made sausage and spam yourself? I make home made hotdogs with veggie, herbs and lactose free cheese sausage for him.

    Nasuha Leng

    Try blend the vegetables. I always blend leafy veggies and then cook with porridge or tofu with mixture of fish and meat, so the vegies raw taste will be ‘covered’ up by the rest of the food.

    Julia Ho

    Hi! Try making your own patties and use it to make burgers for yr LO.
    I add chopped or diced onion, carrots, capsicum with minced meat and also add dark soya sauce to camouflage the vegetables and some other seasoning and an egg. That’s how I train my LO to eat capsicum n onion. ?

    Esther Chen

    I am the more terrible Mum….. I add veg to my kids’ food…. if they dun finish their veg and main meals, they get none of the processed food…

    When my eldest was 4 plus, he suddenly refused veg, so we purposely mixed veg with his dinner then he refused to eat, we told him he shall have no dinner and no snacks till night milk…..

    He was so hungry but had to sleep early with his milk and woke up so hungry that he dare not to challenge us anymore…. so he knows he needs to eat whatever we give him…

    Btw, when he was suffering from hunger at night, we even fed our younger one with ice cream and snacks and he can only see.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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