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Overseas Family School


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The Kindergarten is a happy and exciting place that encourages a love of learning through engaging and interactive experiences.

Our goal is to provide children with the best possible start to their school experience by delivering a quality Early Childhood program that meets the needs and interests of the children. We aim to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes, which lay the foundations for future learning.

We believe that play is an essential part of children’s learning and development. Our program provides daily opportunities for children to inquire and ask questions; express themselves through art and dramatic play; work collaboratively with others; engage in problem solving activities; make choices and explore a range of materials creatively.

We have a unique internationally diverse student, parent and teacher population and place prime importance on developing internationally minded individuals.

Parents have a crucial role to play in the education of their children. We value a parent-school partnership and invite all parents to join us as partners in this exciting learning process. In this open partnership, we see parents as the senior partner in having the final say in decisions affecting their own child’s learning.

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  • S$15,000 (per semester)
  • S$13,000 (per semester)
  • S$8,000 (per semester)