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SKIS Singapore Korean International School


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Thank you for visiting Singapore Korean International School.

Our School is located in Singapore, one of the world`s best economic, finance and education hubs, in the belt of excellent international Schools in the Bukit Tinggi area. In March 1993, our regular School with Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle and High School departments was officially opened with approval from the Korea and Singapore Governments.

In order to Culrivate global talent possessing a combination of good character and intellect, we have an excellent School faculty with both talent and passion. Our School is operating with the best of curriculums from both Korean Schools and International Schools.
Together with our teachers and staff, board of directors, Korea Embassy and the Korean Association, we will work with our best effort as one body to nurture and develop talents for the future of Korea.

We hope to make Korea`s education the World`s best.
There is a saying “Sow a seed if you`re thinking of the next year, plant a tree if you are thinking for the next ten years and nurture a talent if you are thinking of the next hundred years.” Our School will respect the unique characters of each and every one of our students and assist them in becoming creative and self-directed talents who pursue their hearts` content.

We hope you will continue to visit our page regularly for updates on our School`s activities and give us your valuable opinions for the development of our School.

Thank you.

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