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Swiss School in Singapore


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At the Swiss School we recognize the importance of play in the early developmental stages of a child. Play is the most natural way for children to interact with one another and in which to learn about their relationship with the world. Our curriculum enhances their development through play experiences within a program that incorporates many hands-on activities. These activities are carefully planned and utilize materials that are age and developmentally appropriate to provide challenges and yet offer enjoyment; thus, encouraging learning and improving competency in skills progressively.

German Early Childhood

Up to age five, our students are primarily instructed in English with German being introduced gradually. By using interactive teaching methods the children learn German in a playful manner. Examples include singing, listening to stories, playing games and doing art and crafts. These activities take place in smaller groups, as well as, a short circle time.

Early Childhood Events

We have reason for celebrations every year. Our largest event, the Summer Night Event, marking the end of the school year, or the various cultural and religious holidays such as Deepavali, Lantern Event, Advent/Christmas and Chinese New Year are major events we celebrate at our school.

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