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Demo: The Children's Campus

25 Almond Cres, Singapore 677781


Infant Full Day $2180; Infant Half Day $1780; Child Full Day $1480; Child Half Day $1080

About the Centre

The Children’s Campus (TCC) is the leading childcare centre that prides itself on its vast experience in the provision of quality & innovative early childhood education. We have an enhanced musical environment that shapes the physical, intellectual, emotional, and creative abilities of our children to their fullest potential.

The Children’s Campus promises an expansive customised physical environment that is specifically designed with your child in mind, passionate teachers with an unwavering desire to give their best and a comprehensive creative and innovative curriculum that focuses on varied age-appropriate hands-on experiences that build a strong foundation for future learning.

Your child will enjoy our wide physical space, our homely atmosphere and our heartwarming traditions such as family days, picnics, field trips, numerous performances, and cultural celebrations.

He will also learn life’s essential skills such as reading, writing, speaking and interacting with his peers confidently. Our fun, hands-on approach to learning will motivate him to explore, discover, stretch his imagination and maximise his full potential.

Supported by qualified teachers and a progressive, all-encompassing early childhood curriculum which integrates internationally renowned programmes and the local school framework, he will be encouraged to grow into a thinking, self-assured and creative individual.

Most of all, we aim to make his early years at The Children’s Campus his best years. We firmly believe in providing only the best quality care for our little Stars.

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5000 sqft



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25 Almond Cres, Singapore 677781

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